Novel distribution of cluster of differentiation 200 adhesion molecule in glial cells of the peripheral nervous system of rats and its modulation after nerve injury

C. Y. Chang, Yi-Hsuan Lee, Y. F. Jiang-Shieh, Hsiung-Fei Chien, M. H. Pai, H. M. Chen, T. H. Fong, C. H. Wu

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This study examined CD200 expression in different peripheral nerves and ganglia. Intense CD200 immunoreactivity was consistently localized in unmyelinated nerve fibers as opposed to a faint immunostaining in the myelinated nerve fibers. By light microscopy, structures resembling the node of Ranvier and Schmidt-Lanterman incisures in the myelinated nerve fibers displayed CD200 immunoreactivity. Ultrastructural study revealed CD200 expression on the neurilemma of Schwann cells whose microvilli and paranodal loops at the node of Ranvier were immunoreactive. The CD200 immunoexpression was also localized in the satellite glial cells of sensory and autonomic ganglia and in the enteric glial cells. Double labeling of CD200 with specific antigens of satellite glia or Schwann cells in the primary cultures of dorsal root ganglia had shown a differential expression of CD200 in the peripheral glial cells. The existence of CD200 in glial cells in the peripheral nervous system (PNS) was corroborated by the expression of CD200 mRNA and protein in a rat Schwann cell line RSC96. Using the model of crush or transected sciatic nerve, it was found that CD200 expression was attenuated or diminished at the site of lesion. A remarkable feature, however, was an increase in incidence of CD200-labelled Schmidt-Lanterman incisures proximal to the injured site at 7 days postlesion. Because CD200 has been reported to impart immunosuppressive signal, we suggest that its localization in PNS glial cells may play a novel inhibitory role in immune homeostasis in both normal and pathological conditions.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - Jun 2 2011



  • Axonal degeneration
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  • Immunosuppression
  • OX2
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