Motorcyclist Is the Right-of-Way Violator: A Population-Based Study of Motorcycle Right-of-Way Crash in Taiwan

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The most typical and catastrophic car-motorcycle crash occurs when a car manoeuvres into the path of an approaching motorcycle at an intersection, which involves a car driver violating motorcycle's right of way (ROW). In Taiwan, however, motorcyclists are frequently the ROW violator - they are observed to frequently infringe upon the ROW of oncoming vehicles at intersections. Such a ROW crash in which a left-turn motorcyclist crosses in front of approaching traffic appears to be a safety problem in terms of its frequency and accident consequence. Using the National Taiwan Crash Database, the present study estimates a logistic regression model to predict the likelihood of an approach-turn motorcycle-turning crash (relative to a car-turning crash). Results indicate that given a ROW crash where the rider was female, old, drunk, unlicensed, riding a moped, and on a NBU roadway, the likelihood of a motorcycle-turning crash tends to increase. Our study contributes to the existing motorcycle safety research by reporting the determinants of the unique crashes in which the motorcyclist is the ROW violator.

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JournalJournal of Advanced Transportation
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