Intravenous loading of nitroglycerin during rewarming of cardiopulmonary bypass improves metabolic homeostasis in cardiac surgery: a retrospective analysis

Ying Hsuan Tai, Kuang Yi Chang, Shu Wei Liao, Kwei Chun Chung, Chun Che Shih, Shung Tai Ho, Chih Cherng Lu, Mei Yung Tsou

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Purpose: The aim of the study was to evaluate the effects of high-dose nitroglycerine (NTG) on glucose metabolism, tissue oxygenation and postoperative recovery in cardiac surgical patients. Methods: Cardiac surgical patients in the retrospective survey were classified into two groups based on the NTG regimen. NTG group had intravenous loading of NTG (infusion rate 10–20 mg/h with total dose of ≥0.5 mg/kg) starting at rewarming of cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) (n = 101), and control group had no intravenous loading of NTG (n = 151). Data for intraoperative plasma glucose and lactate levels, and regular insulin consumption were collected. Propensity score methodology was utilized to adjust for potential confounders. Results: After adjustment for propensity score, the plasma glucose was significantly lower in the NTG group during (161 ± 39 versus 179 ± 45 mg/dl, p = 0.005) and after CPB (167 ± 41 versus 184 ± 48 mg/dl, p = 0.012). Total consumption of regular insulin was significantly lower in the NTG group, median 8 (range 0–50) versus 13 (0–90) international units, p = 0.005. There was a trend towards statistical significance in a lower incidence of hyperlactatemia (>2.2 mmol/l) in the NTG group during CPB, 21/100 (21 %) versus 40/132 (30.3 %), p = 0.065. The mixed venous oxygen saturation in the intensive care unit was higher in the NTG group, 65 ± 9 versus 62 ± 11 %, p = 0.056. Conclusions: Intravenous loading of NTG during and after CPB is safe and effective for attenuating the hyperglycemic response and reduce the incidence of hyperlactatemia during cardiac surgery with CPB.

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Pages (from-to)779-788
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JournalJournal of Anesthesia
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - Oct 1 2016
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  • Cardiopulmonary bypass
  • Hyperglycemia
  • Hyperlactatemia
  • Insulin resistance
  • Nitroglycerin

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