Human cellular src gene: Nucleotide sequence and derived amino acid sequence of the region coding for the carboxy-terminal two-thirds of pp60(c-src)

S. K. Anderson, C. P. Gibbs, A. Tanaka, H. J. Kung, D. J. Fujita

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The nucleotide sequence of the 3' two-thirds of a highly conserved, molecularly cloned human cellular src gene (c-src) has been determined. This region of the c-src gene encodes the tyrosine kinase domain of the cellular src protein (pp60(c-src)) and corresponds to exons 6 through 12 of the chicken c-src gene, as well as nucleotides 545 to 1542 of the Rous sarcoma virus src gene (v-src). The human c-src sequence is very strongly conserved with respect to both the chicken c-src and the Rous sarcoma virus v-src genes, with nearly 90% nucleotide homology observed in this region. Amino acid sequence conservation in this region is even greater; 98% of the amino acids are conserved between human and chicken c-src. Furthermore, the exon sizes and the locations of the exon-intron boundaries are identical in the human and chicken c-src genes. However, sequences within the introns have not been conserved, and the introns within the human c-src gene are significantly larger than the corresponding introns within the chicken c-src gene. The strong amino acid conservation between the carboxy-terminal two-thirds of pp60(c-src) of species as divergent as humans and chickens suggests that this portion of the pp60(c-src) protein specifies one or more functional domains that are of great importance to some aspect of normal cellular growth or differentiation.

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Pages (from-to)1122-1129
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JournalMolecular and Cellular Biology
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1985
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