Translated title of the contribution: Fahr's Disease Relating Kinetic Tremor: a Rare Cause for Common Symptom in the Elderly

陳 建志(Jiann-Jy Chen), 龔 國倫(Kuo-Luon Kung), 王 興萬(Hsing-Won Wang), 陳 登郎(Dem-Lion Chen)

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Fahr's disease (FD) is a rare neurodegenerative disease characterized by bilateral symmetric basal ganglia calcification. Age of onset is typically in the fourth or fifth decade. A 70-year-old woman presented kinetic tremor of both hands for half a year. Imaging study demonstrated symmetric massive calcification of bilateral basal ganglia and cerebellum as well as calcified spots at left occipital and parietal lobes; no brain parenchymal abnormality was observed. She had neither traumatic history nor systemic disease, except hypertension. All blood examinations were within normal ranges. She was diagnosed with FD. Over the following year, she has regularly taken propanolol, and hand tremors were mitigated to a degree that no longer influence the patient in her daily life. The case indicates that an elderly patient's tremor may be attributable to FD. Computed tomography helps detect the existence of bilateral symmetric basal ganglia calcification, and FD should be differentiated from Fahr's syndrome.
Original languageTraditional Chinese
Pages (from-to)84-95
Number of pages12
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2012


Basal Ganglia
Occipital Lobe
Parietal Lobe
Rare Diseases
Age of Onset
Neurodegenerative Diseases
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  • neuropsychiatric disorder
  • tremor
  • Fahr's disease
  • cerebellar calcification
  • basal ganglia calcification

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Fahr氏病有關之動態性震顫:一個造成老年人常見症狀之罕見病因. / 陳建志(Jiann-Jy Chen); 龔國倫(Kuo-Luon Kung); 王興萬(Hsing-Won Wang); 陳登郎(Dem-Lion Chen).

In: 台灣老年醫學暨老年學雜誌, Vol. 7, No. 1, 2012, p. 84-95.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

陳建志(Jiann-JyC, 龔國倫(Kuo-LuonK, 王興萬(Hsing-WonW & 陳登郎(Dem-LionC 2012, 'Fahr氏病有關之動態性震顫:一個造成老年人常見症狀之罕見病因', 台灣老年醫學暨老年學雜誌, vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 84-95.
陳建志(Jiann-Jy Chen) ; 龔國倫(Kuo-Luon Kung) ; 王興萬(Hsing-Won Wang) ; 陳登郎(Dem-Lion Chen). / Fahr氏病有關之動態性震顫:一個造成老年人常見症狀之罕見病因. In: 台灣老年醫學暨老年學雜誌. 2012 ; Vol. 7, No. 1. pp. 84-95.
title = "Fahr氏病有關之動態性震顫:一個造成老年人常見症狀之罕見病因",
abstract = "Fahr氏病是一種相當罕見的神經退化性疾病,在兩側基底核會出現對稱性的鈣化,典型發作年齡是40~60歲。一位70歲女性,因兩手動態性震顫半年而求診。影像學檢查顯示兩側基底核及小腦有對稱性的團狀鈣化,在左側枕葉及左側頂葉也有鈣化點,尚無其他腦部之異常;除了高血壓外,無其他系統性疾病,亦無外傷病史,所有血液學檢查均為正常值,可確診為Fahr氏病。往後1年,經規則服用propanolol後,震顫就會減輕到不影響日常生活的地步。結論,老年人之震顫有可能是Fahr氏病所致,電腦斷層造影可確認是否出現兩側基底核對稱性的鈣化,此病須與Fahr氏症候群分別。",
keywords = "基底核鈣化, 小腦鈣化, Fahr氏病, 震顫, 神經精神障礙, basal ganglia calcification, cerebellar calcification, Fahr's disease, tremor, neuropsychiatric disorder, neuropsychiatric disorder, tremor , Fahr's disease, cerebellar calcification, basal ganglia calcification",
author = "陳, {建志(Jiann-Jy Chen)} and 龔, {國倫(Kuo-Luon Kung)} and 王, {興萬(Hsing-Won Wang)} and 陳, {登郎(Dem-Lion Chen)}",
year = "2012",
language = "繁體中文",
volume = "7",
pages = "84--95",
journal = "台灣老年醫學暨老年學雜誌",
issn = "2071-9833",
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number = "1",



T1 - Fahr氏病有關之動態性震顫:一個造成老年人常見症狀之罕見病因

AU - 陳, 建志(Jiann-Jy Chen)

AU - 龔, 國倫(Kuo-Luon Kung)

AU - 王, 興萬(Hsing-Won Wang)

AU - 陳, 登郎(Dem-Lion Chen)

PY - 2012

Y1 - 2012

N2 - Fahr氏病是一種相當罕見的神經退化性疾病,在兩側基底核會出現對稱性的鈣化,典型發作年齡是40~60歲。一位70歲女性,因兩手動態性震顫半年而求診。影像學檢查顯示兩側基底核及小腦有對稱性的團狀鈣化,在左側枕葉及左側頂葉也有鈣化點,尚無其他腦部之異常;除了高血壓外,無其他系統性疾病,亦無外傷病史,所有血液學檢查均為正常值,可確診為Fahr氏病。往後1年,經規則服用propanolol後,震顫就會減輕到不影響日常生活的地步。結論,老年人之震顫有可能是Fahr氏病所致,電腦斷層造影可確認是否出現兩側基底核對稱性的鈣化,此病須與Fahr氏症候群分別。

AB - Fahr氏病是一種相當罕見的神經退化性疾病,在兩側基底核會出現對稱性的鈣化,典型發作年齡是40~60歲。一位70歲女性,因兩手動態性震顫半年而求診。影像學檢查顯示兩側基底核及小腦有對稱性的團狀鈣化,在左側枕葉及左側頂葉也有鈣化點,尚無其他腦部之異常;除了高血壓外,無其他系統性疾病,亦無外傷病史,所有血液學檢查均為正常值,可確診為Fahr氏病。往後1年,經規則服用propanolol後,震顫就會減輕到不影響日常生活的地步。結論,老年人之震顫有可能是Fahr氏病所致,電腦斷層造影可確認是否出現兩側基底核對稱性的鈣化,此病須與Fahr氏症候群分別。

KW - 基底核鈣化

KW - 小腦鈣化

KW - Fahr氏病

KW - 震顫

KW - 神經精神障礙

KW - basal ganglia calcification

KW - cerebellar calcification

KW - Fahr's disease

KW - tremor

KW - neuropsychiatric disorder

KW - neuropsychiatric disorder

KW - tremor

KW - Fahr's disease

KW - cerebellar calcification

KW - basal ganglia calcification

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VL - 7

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EP - 95

JO - 台灣老年醫學暨老年學雜誌

JF - 台灣老年醫學暨老年學雜誌

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