Facile preparation of WO3/PEDOT: PSS composite for inkjet printed electrochromic window and its performance for heat shielding

Cai Wan Chang-Jian, Er Chieh Cho, Shih Chieh Yen, Bo Cheng Ho, Kuen Chan Lee, Jen Hsien Huang, Yu Sheng Hsiao

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In this study, we have prepared an electrochromic (EC) ink composed of WO3 nanoparticles and poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly (styrene sulfonate) (PEDOT:PSS). The ink formulation can be processed through inkjet-printing or spray coating to deposit high-quality EC layers. The PEDOT:PSS acts as an conductive binder to connect the WO3 nanoparticles leading to reduced impedance and better electrochemical properties. The WO3/PEDOT:PSS (PH1000) exhibits an optical modulation of 54.1%, a response time of 1.1 s, and a coloration efficiency of 83.87 cm2/C. A hybrid type electrochromic device (ECD) incorporated with WO3/PEDOT:PSS with excellent durability has been fabricated. The performance of WO3/PEDOT:PSS based ECD for sun shielding property is also evaluated. The ECD can efficiently block the sunlight and reduce solar heat gain. As a result, the indoor temperature can be modulated from 32.7 °C (bleached state) to 29.4 °C (darken state) under illumination.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)465-473
Number of pages9
JournalDyes and Pigments
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2018


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  • Electrochromic
  • Inkjet printing
  • Smart window
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