Comparisons of self-ratings on managerial competencies, research capability, time management, executive power, workload and work stress among nurse administrators

Chun Mei Kang, Hsiao Ting Chiu, Yi Chun Hu, Hsiao Lien Chen, Pi Hsia Lee, Wen Yin Chang

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Aims To assess the level of and the differences in managerial competencies, research capability, time management, executive power, workload and work-stress ratings among nurse administrators (NAs), and to determine the best predictors of managerial competencies for NAs. Background Although NAs require multifaceted managerial competencies, research related to NAs' managerial competencies is limited. Method A cross-sectional survey was conducted with 330 NAs from 16 acute care hospitals. Managerial competencies were determined through a self-developed questionnaire. Data were collected in 2011. Results All NAs gave themselves the highest rating on integrity and the lowest on both financial/budgeting and business acumen. All scores for managerial competencies, research capability, time management and executive power showed a statistically significant correlation. The stepwise regression analysis revealed that age; having received NA training; having completed a nursing project independently; and scores for research capability, executive power and workload could explain 63.2% of the total variance in managerial competencies. Conclusion The present study provides recommendations for future administrative training programmes to increase NAs' managerial competency in fulfilling their management roles and functions. Implications for Nursing Management The findings inform leaders of hospitals where NAs need to develop additional competencies concerning the type of training NAs need to function proficiently.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)938-947
Number of pages10
JournalJournal of Nursing Management
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2012



  • Managerial competency
  • Nurse administrator
  • Survey
  • Work stress
  • Workload

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