Color-indicating, label-free, dye-doped liquid crystal organic-polymer-based-bioinspired sensor for biomolecule immunodetection

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The highly sensitive interfacial effects between liquid crystal (LC) and alignment layers make LC-bioinspired sensors an important technology. However, LC-bioinspired sensors are limited by quantification requiring a polarized microscope and expensive equipment, which makes it difficult to commercialize LC-bioinspired sensors. In this report, we first demonstrate that dye-doped LC (DDLC) chips coated with vertically aligned layers can be employed as a new LC-bioinspired sensing technology. The DDLC-bioinspired sensor was tested by detecting bovine serum albumin (BSA) and immunocomplexes of BSA pairs. The intensities of the dye color of the DDLC-bioinspired sensor can be changed with the concentrations of biomolecules and immunocomplexes. A detection limit of 0.5 µg/mL was shown for the color-indicating DDLC-bioinspired sensors. We also designed a new method to use the quantitative DDLC-bioinspired sensor with a smart-phone for potential of home test. The novel DDLC-bioinspired sensor is cheap, label-free, and easy to use, furthering the technology for home and field-based disease-related detection.

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  • Bovine serum albumin
  • Dye-doped liquid crystal
  • Label-free biosensor

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