c-erbB activation in ALV-induced erythroblastosis: novel RNA processing and promoter insertion result in expression of an amino-truncated EGF receptor

Timothy W. Nilsen, Patricia A. Maroney, Raymond G. Goodwin, Fritz M. Rottman, Lyman B. Crittenden, Maribeth A. Raines, Hsing Jien Kung

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ALV induced erythroblastosis results from the specific interruption of the host oncogene, c-erbB, by the insertion of an intact provirus. Integrated proviruses are oriented in the same transcriptional direction as c-erbB, and expression of truncated c-erbB transcripts is observed. Evidence, including sequence analysis of cDNA clones, indicates that transcription of truncated c-erbB mRNA is initiated in the 5′ LTR of the integrated provirus. This transcript is processed through a series of remarkable splicing reactions to yield viral gag and env sequences fused to erbB sequences. These results establish a novel pathway of promoter insertion oncogenesis that stands in contrast to the pathways used in the activation of c-myc in B lymphomas.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1985
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