Association between chronic viral hepatitis infection and breast cancer risk: A nationwide population-based case-control study

Fu Hsiung Su, Shih Ni Chang, Pei Chun Chen, Fung Chang Sung, Chien Tien Su, Chih Ching Yeh

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Background: In Taiwan, there is a high incidence of breast cancer and a high prevalence of viral hepatitis. In this case-control study, we used a population-based insurance dataset to evaluate whether breast cancer in women is associated with chronic viral hepatitis infection.Methods: From the claims data, we identified 1,958 patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer during the period 2000-2008. A randomly selected, age-matched cohort of 7,832 subjects without cancer was selected for comparison. Multivariable logistic regression models were constructed to calculate odds ratios of breast cancer associated with viral hepatitis after adjustment for age, residential area, occupation, urbanization, and income. The age-specific (

Original languageEnglish
Article number495
JournalBMC Cancer
Publication statusPublished - Nov 24 2011


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