A seven-year epidemiology study of 12,381 admitted burn patients in Taiwan - Using the Internet registration system of the Childhood Burn Foundation

Kwang Yi Tung, Mei Lin Chen, Hsian-Jenn Wang, Ging Song Chen, Michael Peck, Jingzhen Yang, Charles Chih Ho Liu

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This study described the epidemiological characteristics of the 12,381 admitted burn patients in Taiwan. The data was from 43 contracted hospitals of the Childhood Burn Foundation, in the years from 1997 to 2003. This descriptive study included 8172 males and 4206 females, with a male to female ratio of 1.94 and an average age of 29.3 years. There were 3993 (33.4%) patients under 18 years old; and 26.4% of the patients were children under 7 years old. First and second years of life were the peak of incidence. The mean extent of burn was 14.0% total body surface area with 950 patients (7.7%) suffering from a burn extent ≥40% TBSA. Scalds resulted in 5085 admissions (43.2%) and flame burns accounted for 3825 admissions (32.5%). In patient group under 18 years old, 76.8% were scald burn and 14.1% were flame burn. The majority of the burn injuries (53.3%) occurred in the dwelling place; 1122 patients had inhalation injuries and required admission to the burn center for pulmonary support. In addition, suicide attempts were recorded in 2.4% (300 cases) of all burn patients with a mean burn size of 40.7% total body surface and mortality rate of 29.3%. The overall mortality rate is 381 out of 12,381 patients (3.1%). The LA 50 was around 80% TBSA. The significant effects of risk factors, such as old age, large burn extent, combined inhalation injury and suicide were demonstrated. Adequate first aid by water cooling affected the outcome of the patient group with burn extent less than 30% TBSA, which was shown by the decrease of length of stay. These results showed some unique distributions that reflected certain socio-economic and cultural background of Taiwan.

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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2005
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