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Altered inflammatory responses in preterm children with cerebral palsy

Lin, C. Y., Chang, Y. C., Wang, S. T., Lee, T. Y., Lin, C. F. & Huang, C. C., 2010, In : Annals of Neurology. 68, 2, p. 204-212 9 p.

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Cerebral Palsy
Blood Cells
Periventricular Leukomalacia
Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha
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Altered integrity of the right arcuate fasciculus as a trait marker of schizophrenia: A sibling study using tractography-based analysis of the whole brain

Wu, C. H., Hwang, T. J., Chen, Y. J., Hsu, Y. C., Lo, Y. C., Liu, C. M., Hwu, H. G., Liu, C. C., Hsieh, M-H., Chien, Y. L., Chen, C. M. & Isaac Tseng, W. Y., Mar 1 2015, In : Human Brain Mapping. 36, 3, p. 1065-1076 12 p.

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Corpus Callosum
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Altered intracellular calcium level in association with neuronal death induced by lithium chloride

Yao, C. J., Lin, C. W. & Lin-Shiau, S. Y., Dec 1999, In : Journal of the Formosan Medical Association = Taiwan yi zhi. 98, 12, p. 820-826 7 p.

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Lithium Chloride
Cell Death
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Altered lung mechanics in neonates with persistent fetal circulation syndrome.

Yeh, T. F. & Lilien, L. D., Jan 1 1981, In : Critical Care Medicine. 9, 2, p. 83-84 2 p.

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Persistent Fetal Circulation Syndrome
Lung Volume Measurements
Newborn Infant
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Altered negative BOLD responses in the default-mode network during emotion processing in depressed subjects

Grimm, S., Boesiger, P., Beck, J., Schuepbach, D., Bermpohl, F., Walter, M., Ernst, J., Hell, D., Boeker, H. & Northoff, G., Mar 2009, In : Neuropsychopharmacology. 34, 4, p. 932-943 12 p.

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Major Depressive Disorder
Gyrus Cinguli
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Affective Symptoms
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Altered negative unconscious processing in major depressive disorder: An exploratory neuropsychological study

Yang, Z., Zhao, J., Jiang, Y., Li, C., Wang, J., Weng, X. & Northoff, G., 2011, In : PLoS One. 6, 7, e21881.

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Major Depressive Disorder
continuous systems
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Altered neuromagnetic responses to pattern reversal visual stimulation in patients with migraine

Chen, W. T., Ko, Y. C., Yuan, R. Y., Hsiao, F. J., Wang, S. J., Lin, C. P. & Lin, Y. Y., Jun 2007, In : International Congress Series. 1300, p. 531-534 4 p.

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Photic Stimulation
Migraine Disorders
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Altered pattern of monocyte differentiation and monocyte-derived TGF-β1 in severe asthma

Hung, C. H., Wang, C. C., Suen, J. L., Sheu, C. C., Kuo, C. H., Liao, W. T., Yang, Y. H., Wu, C. C., Leung, S. Y., Lai, R. S., Lin, C. C., Wei, Y. F., Lee, C. Y., Huang, M. S. & Huang, S. K., Dec 1 2018, In : Scientific Reports. 8, 1, 919.

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Transforming Growth Factor beta
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Altered perlecan expression in placental development and gestational diabetes mellitus

Yang, W. C. V., Su, T. H., Yang, Y. C., Chang, S. C., Chen, C. Y. & Chen, C. P., Nov 2005, In : Placenta. 26, 10, p. 780-788 9 p.

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Gestational Diabetes
Basement Membrane
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Altered predictive capability of the brain network EEG model in schizophrenia during cognition

Gomez-Pilar, J., Poza, J., Gómez, C., Northoff, G., Lubeiro, A., Cea-Cañas, B. B., Molina, V. & Hornero, R., Nov 1 2018, In : Schizophrenia Research. 201, p. 120-129 10 p.

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Healthy Volunteers
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Altered prostate epithelial development and IGF-1 signal in mice lacking the androgen receptor in stromal smooth muscle cells

Yu, S., Zhang, C., Lin, C. C., Niu, Y., Lai, K. P., Chang, H. C., Yeh, S. D., Chang, C. & Yeh, S., Apr 2011, In : Prostate. 71, 5, p. 517-524 8 p.

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Insulin-Like Growth Factor I
Smooth Muscle Myocytes
Androgen Receptors
Smooth Muscle
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Altered rate of fibronectin matrix assembly by deletion of the first type III repeats

Sechler, J. L., Takada, Y. & Schwarzbauer, J. E., Jul 1996, In : Journal of Cell Biology. 134, 2, p. 573-583 11 p.

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Deoxycholic Acid
Indirect Fluorescent Antibody Technique
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Altered resting-state functional connectivity of striatal-thalamic circuit in bipolar disorder

Teng, S., Lu, C-F., Wang, P-S., Li, C-T., Tu, P-C., Hung, C. I., Su, T-P. & Wu, Y-T., 2014, In : PLoS One. 9, 5

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Corpus Striatum
Bipolar Disorder
Networks (circuits)
Gyrus Cinguli
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Altered retrobulbar hemodynamics in patients who have transient monocular blindness without carotid stenosis

Chao, A. C., Hsu, H. Y., Chung, C. P., Chen, Y. Y., Yen, M. Y., Wong, W. J. & Hu, H. H., Apr 1 2007, In : Stroke. 38, 4, p. 1377-1379 3 p.

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Amaurosis Fugax
Carotid Stenosis
Ophthalmic Artery
Retinal Artery
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Obstructive Jaundice
Chemokine CCL2
Transforming Growth Factors
Common Bile Duct
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Carcinoembryonic Antigen
Cell Adhesion Molecules
Protein Isoforms
Breast Neoplasms
Alternative Splicing
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Altered structural and functional thalamocortical networks in secondarily generalized extratemporal lobe seizures

Peng, S. J. & Hsin, Y. L., Jan 1 2017, In : NeuroImage: Clinical. 13, p. 55-61 7 p.

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Open Access
Mediodorsal Thalamic Nucleus
Generalized Epilepsy
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Altered structure-function relations of semantic processing in youths with high-functioning autism: A combined diffusion and functional MRI study

Lo, Y. C., Chou, T. L., Fan, L. Y., Gau, S. S. F., Chiu, Y. N. & Tseng, W. Y. I., Dec 2013, In : Autism Research. 6, 6, p. 561-570 10 p.

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Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Autistic Disorder
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
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Altered temporal variance and neural synchronization of spontaneous brain activity in anesthesia

Huang, Z., Wang, Z., Zhang, J., Dai, R., Wu, J., Li, Y., Liang, W., Mao, Y., Yang, Z., Holland, G., Zhang, J. & Northoff, G., Nov 1 2014, In : Human Brain Mapping. 35, 11, p. 5368-5378 11 p.

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Persistent Vegetative State
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Altered white matter tract property related to impaired focused attention, sustained attention, cognitive impulsivity and vigilance in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Chiang, H. L., Chen, Y. J., Lo, Y. C., Tseng, W. Y. I. & Gau, S. S. F., Sep 1 2015, In : Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience. 40, 5, p. 325-335 11 p.

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Impulsive Behavior
Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity
Prefrontal Cortex
White Matter
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Altering the Tat-derived peptide bioactivity landscape by changing the arginine side chain length

Wu, C. H., Chen, Y. P., Mou, C. Y. & Cheng, R. P., Feb 2013, In : Amino Acids. 44, 2, p. 473-480 8 p.

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Chain length
Amino Acids
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Alternanthera paronychioides protects pancreatic β-cells from glucotoxicity by its antioxidant, antiapoptotic and insulin secretagogue actions

Wu, C. H., Hsieh, H. T., Lin, J. A. & Yen, G. C., Aug 15 2013, In : Food Chemistry. 139, 1-4, p. 362-370 9 p.

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ferulic acid
Alternanthera ficoidea
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Alternating copolymers incorporating cyclopenta[2,1-b: 3,4-b′] dithiophene unit and organic dyes for photovoltaic applications

Cheng, Y. J., Hung, L. C., Cao, F. Y., Kao, W. S., Chang, C. Y. & Hsu, C. S., Apr 15 2011, In : Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry. 49, 8, p. 1791-1801 11 p.

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Coloring Agents
Conversion efficiency
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Alternations of heart rate variability at lower altitude in the predication of trekkers with acute mountain sickness at high altitude

Huang, H. H., Tseng, C. Y., Fan, J. S., Yen, D. H. T., Kao, W. F., Chang, S. C., Kuo, T. B. J., Huang, C. I. & Lee, C. H., Jan 2010, In : Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine. 20, 1, p. 58-63 6 p.

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Altitude Sickness
Heart Rate
Oceans and Seas
compound A 12
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Extracellular Signal-Regulated MAP Kinases
Protein Kinases
Colorectal Neoplasms
Gene Expression
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Alternative approach for selected severe pulmonary hypertension of congenital heart defect without initial correction - Palliative surgical treatment

Lin, M. T., Chen, Y. S., Huang, S. C., Chiu, H. H., Chiu, S. N., Chen, C. A., Wu, E. T., Chiu, I. S., Chang, C. I., Wu, M. H. & Wang, J. K., Sep 15 2011, In : International Journal of Cardiology. 151, 3, p. 313-317 5 p.

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Congenital Heart Defects
Palliative Care
Pulmonary Hypertension
Pulmonary Artery
Blood Pressure
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Nutrition Policy
Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Cardiovascular Diseases
Protein Isoforms
White Adipocytes
Brown Adipose Tissue
3T3-L1 Cells
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Alternative mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) signal activation in sorafenib-resistant hepatocellular carcinoma cells revealed by array-based pathway profiling

Masuda, M., Chen, W. Y., Miyanaga, A., Nakamura, Y., Kawasaki, K., Sakuma, T., Ono, M., Chen, C. L., Honda, K. & Yamada, T., 2014, In : Molecular and Cellular Proteomics. 13, 6, p. 1429-1438 10 p.

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Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Chemical activation

Alternative splicing in human cancer cells is modulated by the amiloride derivative 3,5-diamino-6-chloro-N-(N-(2,6-dichlorobenzoyl)carbamimidoyl)pyrazine-2-carboxide

Lee, C. C., Chang, W. H., Chang, Y. S., Yang, J. M., Chang, C. S., Hsu, K. C., Chen, Y. T., Liu, T. Y., Chen, Y. C., Lin, S. Y., Wu, Y. C. & Chang, J. G., Jan 1 2019, In : Molecular Oncology. 13, 8, p. 1744-1762 19 p.

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Open Access
Alternative Splicing
RNA Sequence Analysis
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Alternative splicing of MDM2 mRNA in lung carcinomas and lung cell lines

Weng, M. W., Lai, J. C., Hsu, C. P., Yu, K. Y., Chen, C. Y., Lin, T. S., Lai, W. W., Lee, H. & Ko, J. L., Jul 2005, In : Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis. 46, 1, p. 1-11 11 p.

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Alternative Splicing
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Alternative Therapies as a Substitute for Costly Prescription Medications: Results from the 2011 National Health Interview Survey

Wang, C. C., Kennedy, J. & Wu, C. H., Jun 3 2015, In : Clinical Therapeutics. 37, 5, p. 1022-1030 9 p.

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Complementary Therapies
Health Surveys
Logistic Models
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Altitude hypoxia increases glucose uptake in human heart

Chen, C. H., Liu, Y. F., Lee, S. D., Huang, C. Y., Lee, W. C., Tsai, Y. L., Hou, C. W., Chan, Y. S. & Kuo, C. H., Mar 1 2009, In : High Altitude Medicine and Biology. 10, 1, p. 83-86 4 p.

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Altitude Sickness
Skeletal Muscle
Fluorodeoxyglucose F18
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A luciferase transgenic mouse model: Visualization of prostate development and its androgen responsiveness in live animals

Hsieh, C. L., Xie, Z., Liu, Z. Y., Green, J. E., Martin, W. D., Datta, M. W., Yeung, F., Pan, D. & Chung, L. W. K., Oct 2005, In : Journal of Molecular Endocrinology. 35, 2, p. 293-304 12 p.

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Transgenic Mice
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A lumbar clear cell meningioma with foraminal extension in a renal transplant recipient

Chen, M. H., Chen, S. J., Lin, S. M. & Chen, M. H., Aug 1 2004, In : Journal of Clinical Neuroscience. 11, 6, p. 665-667 3 p.

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Renal Cell Carcinoma
Transplant Recipients
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Cell culture
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Alveolar bone grafting in the treatment of midline alveolar cleft and diastema in incomplete median cleft lip

Liao, H. T., Chen, C. H., Bergeron, L., Ko, E. W. C., Chen, P. K. T. & Chen, Y. R., Oct 1 2008, In : International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. 37, 10, p. 886-891 6 p.

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Alveolar Bone Grafting
Cleft Lip
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Alveolar macrophage subpopulations in patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis

Kuo, H. P. & Yu, C. T., Jan 1 1993, In : Chest. 104, 6, p. 1773-1778 6 p.

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Alveolar Macrophages
Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Bronchoalveolar Lavage
CD4-CD8 Ratio
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A lytic viral long noncoding RNA modulates the function of a latent protein

Campbell, M., Kim, K. Y., Chang, P. C., Huerta, S., Shevchenko, B., Wang, D. H., Izumiya, C., Kung, H. J. & Izumiya, Y., Feb 1 2014, In : Journal of Virology. 88, 3, p. 1843-1848 6 p.

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nuclear antigens
Long Noncoding RNA
Human herpesvirus 8
Human Herpesvirus 8
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Alzheimer disease and risk of stroke: A population-based cohort study

Chi, N. F., Chien, L. N., Ku, H. L., Hu, C. J. & Chiou, H. Y., Feb 19 2013, In : Neurology. 80, 8, p. 705-711 7 p.

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Alzheimer Disease
Cohort Studies
Cerebral Hemorrhage
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Alzheimer's disease is associated with prostate cancer: A population-based study

Lin, H. C., Kao, L. T., Chung, S. D., Huang, C. C., Shia, B. C. & Huang, C. Y., Jan 26 2018, In : Oncotarget. 9, 7, p. 7616-7622 7 p.

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Prostatic Neoplasms
Alzheimer Disease
Odds Ratio
Confidence Intervals
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A machine learning approach for predicting urine output after fluid administration

Lin, P. C., Huang, H. C., Komorowski, M., Lin, W. K., Chang, C. M., Chen, K. T., Li, Y. C. & Lin, M. C., Aug 1 2019, In : Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine. 177, p. 155-159 5 p.

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Learning systems
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A machine learning texture model for classifying lung cancer subtypes using preliminary bronchoscopic findings

Feng, P. H., Lin, Y. T. & Lo, C. M., Jan 1 2018, (Accepted/In press) In : Medical Physics.

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Lung Neoplasms
ROC Curve
Squamous Cell Carcinoma
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AMACR amplification in myxofibrosarcomas: A mechanism of overexpression that promotes cell proliferation with therapeutic relevance

Li, C. F., Fang, F. M., Lan, J., Wang, J. W., Kung, H. J., Chen, L. T., Chen, T. J., Li, S. H., Wang, Y. H., Tai, H. C., Yu, S. C. & Huang, H. Y., Dec 1 2014, In : Clinical Cancer Research. 20, 23, p. 6141-6152 12 p.

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Cyclin T
Cell Proliferation
Gene Amplification
Cyclin D1
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AMACR overexpression as a poor prognostic factor in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Lee, Y. E., He, H. L., Lee, S. W., Chen, T. J., Chang, K. Y., Hsing, C. H. & Li, C. F., 2014, In : Tumor Biology. 35, 8, p. 7983-7991 9 p.

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Neoplasm Metastasis
alpha-methylacyl-CoA racemase
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma
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A magnetic vehicle realized tumor cell-targeted radiotherapy using low-dose radiation

Chen, H. P., Tung, F. I., Chen, M. H. & Liu, T. Y., Mar 28 2016, In : Journal of Controlled Release. 226, p. 182-192 11 p.

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A major state tobacco tax increase, the master settlement agreement, and cigarette consumption: The California experience

Sung, H. Y., Hu, T. W., Ong, M., Keeler, T. E. & Sheu, M. L., Jun 2005, In : American Journal of Public Health. 95, 6, p. 1030-1035 6 p.

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Tobacco Products
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Amantadine ameliorates dopamine-releasing deficits and behavioral deficits in rats after fluid percussion injury

Huang, E. Y. K., Tsui, P. F., Kuo, T. T., Tsai, J., Chou, Y. C., Ma, H. I., Chiang, Y. H. & Chen, Y. H., Jan 30 2014, In : PLoS One. 9, 1, e86354.

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A Markov chain model to assess a multi-centered screening project for breast cancer in Taiwan

Yen, M. F., Chen, H. H. T., Kuo, H. S., Lai, M. S. & Chang, K. J., 1999, In : Chinese Journal of Public Health. 18, 2, p. 95-104 10 p.

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Markov Chains
Breast Neoplasms
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A Markov regression random-effects model for remission of functional disability in patients following a first stroke: A Bayesian approach

Pan, S. L., Wu, H. M., Yen, A. M. F. & Chen, T. H. H., Dec 20 2007, In : Statistics in Medicine. 26, 29, p. 5335-5353 19 p.

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Regression Effects
Bayes Theorem
Random Effects Model