120 Hz low cross-talk stereoscopic display with intelligent LED backlight enabled by multi-dimensional controlling IC

Jian Chiun Liou, Fan Gang Tseng

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This paper proposes to employ multi-dimensional controller for driving LED backlight scanning in a 120 Hz LCD for overcoming the hold-type characteristic of an LCD in time-multiplexed stereoscopic displays. A synchronization signal circuit is developed to connect the time scheme of the vertical synchronization for reducing scanning time. The general strategy is to integrate 3D controller and all relatively small-signal electronic functions into one ASIC to minimize the total number of the components. The display panel, LED backlight scanning, and shutter glass signals could be adjusted by vertical synchronization and modulation to obtain stereoscopic images. Each row of LED in a backlight module is controlled by multi-dimensional data registration and synchronization control circuits for LED backlight scanning to flash in bright or dark. LED backlight scanning stereoscopic display incorporated with shutter glasses is provided to realize stereoscopic images even viewed in a liquid crystal display. The eye shutter signal is alternately switched from the left eye to the right eye with 120 Hz of LCD Vertical synchronization (V-sync). This kind of low cross-talk shutter glasses stereoscopic display with an intelligent multiplexing control of LED backlight scanning has low cross-talk below 1% through a liquid crystal shutter glasses. Crown

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 2009
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  • Control signal
  • LED backlight scanning
  • Stereoscopic display

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