The purpose of this study was to explore the measurements of fatigue/stamina, a healthy lifestyle, and health-related quality of life among 99 nurses. We applied a cross-section design method using self-administered, structured questionnaires for data collection. Instruments included a fatigue/stamina scale, a healthy lifestyle profile, and the SF-36. The main findings were: (1) the average score on the fatigue scale was 13.8 (0~40), indicating a light-to-medium degree of fatigue; (2) a significant negative correlation was found between fatigue and a healthy lifestyle (r=-.24, p<.05), particularly in interpersonal relationships (r-.32, p<.01); (3) a healthy Lifestyle showed a significantly positive correlation to general health (r=.30, p<.01), vitality(r=.36, p<.001), and social functioning (r=.21, p<.05), as well as mental health (r=.26, p<.05). We suggest that nursing administrators develop on-job training and fatigue-release programs that aim at relieving fatigue, and provide a good support system for nurses. These steps would provide useful means for nurses to relieve their fatigue, as well as have a more healthy lifestyle and an improved quality of life.
Original languageTraditional Chinese
Pages (from-to)7-16
Number of pages10
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2006


  • Fatigue/stamina
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Health-related quality of life

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