Health care system has undergone dramatic changes in the past 20 years. Life expectancy rises significantly as well. There are continuous developments of new health technologies that benefit the healthcare system. The processes of healthcare have become complex within and without the healthcare setting. New investment and complex care process result in increasing healthcare cost. The speed of publication of medical research significantly exceeds the ability of assimilation, therefore unable to apply new research finding in healthcare. For modem day healthcare characteristics, the education of healthcare professional also undergo major changes both in quality and quantity in recent year. As a new paradigm in healthcare practice, the evidence-based medicine (EBM) teaching in all healthcare professions becomes an ever-increasing importance. This article reviewed experiences of the effective strategies in promoting the evidence-based medicine teaching in past 20 years in Taiwan. With all related strategies and efforts, mainly the driving policy directive from the Department of Health, the great leading role of National Health Research Institutes and collaborative organizational ability of Taiwan Evidence-Based Medicine Association, we have made the initial success in EBM implementation and application. The teaching programs and promotional strategies developed provide the implementation models for those who plan to introduce EBM within their organizations.
Original languageTraditional Chinese
Pages (from-to)1-11
Number of pages11
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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臺灣實證醫學教學之推廣策略與執行成效. / 陳杰峰; 羅恆廉; 譚家偉; 侯文萱; 郭耿南.

In: 醫學與健康期刊, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2013, p. 1-11.

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title = "臺灣實證醫學教學之推廣策略與執行成效",
abstract = "醫療照護體系在過去這二十年間急劇且持續的轉變著,平均餘命顯著地延長,新的醫療科技與技術持續地被導入健康照護作業的一環,無論是醫療機構內或外的照護作業流程都變的更加地繁複龐雜,健康照護相關的支出成本也因而不斷地上升,醫學研究更是以遠遠超過知識被吸收的速度大量的被發表,因應健康照護服務型態的轉變,醫事人員培育的內容,在過去幾年間亦有著質與量上大幅的改革,而實證醫學教育在這一醫學教育典範轉型中的重要性更是與時俱增。本文回顧及整理台灣過去近二十年推廣實證醫學教育訓練的成功經驗與發展策略,其中尤其是來自行政院衛生署政策的支持與引導、國家衛生研究院協同台灣實證醫學學會的積極耕耘帶動下,展現相當卓著的推廣與應用成效,相關的教學課程及推廣策略可提供有關醫療機構及衛生主管機關,後續研擬推廣措施之參考。",
keywords = "實證醫學, 實證健康照護, 知識轉譯, 醫學教育, Evidence-based medicine, Evidence-based health care, Knowledge translation, Medical education",
author = "陳杰峰 and 羅恆廉 and 譚家偉 and 侯文萱 and 郭耿南",
year = "2013",
language = "繁體中文",
volume = "2",
pages = "1--11",
journal = "醫學與健康期刊",
issn = "2304-6856",
publisher = "行政院衛生署台中醫院",
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T1 - 臺灣實證醫學教學之推廣策略與執行成效

AU - 陳杰峰, null

AU - 羅恆廉, null

AU - 譚家偉, null

AU - 侯文萱, null

AU - 郭耿南, null

PY - 2013

Y1 - 2013

N2 - 醫療照護體系在過去這二十年間急劇且持續的轉變著,平均餘命顯著地延長,新的醫療科技與技術持續地被導入健康照護作業的一環,無論是醫療機構內或外的照護作業流程都變的更加地繁複龐雜,健康照護相關的支出成本也因而不斷地上升,醫學研究更是以遠遠超過知識被吸收的速度大量的被發表,因應健康照護服務型態的轉變,醫事人員培育的內容,在過去幾年間亦有著質與量上大幅的改革,而實證醫學教育在這一醫學教育典範轉型中的重要性更是與時俱增。本文回顧及整理台灣過去近二十年推廣實證醫學教育訓練的成功經驗與發展策略,其中尤其是來自行政院衛生署政策的支持與引導、國家衛生研究院協同台灣實證醫學學會的積極耕耘帶動下,展現相當卓著的推廣與應用成效,相關的教學課程及推廣策略可提供有關醫療機構及衛生主管機關,後續研擬推廣措施之參考。

AB - 醫療照護體系在過去這二十年間急劇且持續的轉變著,平均餘命顯著地延長,新的醫療科技與技術持續地被導入健康照護作業的一環,無論是醫療機構內或外的照護作業流程都變的更加地繁複龐雜,健康照護相關的支出成本也因而不斷地上升,醫學研究更是以遠遠超過知識被吸收的速度大量的被發表,因應健康照護服務型態的轉變,醫事人員培育的內容,在過去幾年間亦有著質與量上大幅的改革,而實證醫學教育在這一醫學教育典範轉型中的重要性更是與時俱增。本文回顧及整理台灣過去近二十年推廣實證醫學教育訓練的成功經驗與發展策略,其中尤其是來自行政院衛生署政策的支持與引導、國家衛生研究院協同台灣實證醫學學會的積極耕耘帶動下,展現相當卓著的推廣與應用成效,相關的教學課程及推廣策略可提供有關醫療機構及衛生主管機關,後續研擬推廣措施之參考。

KW - 實證醫學

KW - 實證健康照護

KW - 知識轉譯

KW - 醫學教育

KW - Evidence-based medicine

KW - Evidence-based health care

KW - Knowledge translation

KW - Medical education

M3 - 文章

VL - 2

SP - 1

EP - 11

JO - 醫學與健康期刊

JF - 醫學與健康期刊

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