The Research and Development Plans of Embodied Medical Humanity Education(The Practice):Curriculum Design and Educational Action Research of the Medical Simulation Learning and the Clinical Practicum in Long-Term Respiratory Care

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The purpose of clinical skills learning is to establish a relationship with the objects in the medical domain, to construct their own "medical world" in an embodied way, and the practice of clinical skills is not only adapt to the external environment, But also extend to the humanistic care. This Research and Development Plans of Embodied Medical Humanity Education will be based on the simulation curriculum design and clinical long-term care practice, the stacking teaching methods from simple to complex, from knowledge skills to the application. The first year begins with the teaching staff, and curriculum preparation, the second year of the practice of knowledge to skills, the third year of the integration to the learning and application of curriculum resources to promote the teaching model. To help students from the curriculum, simulation to personal care and discuss the pathological, physiological changes, and then return to the problem-oriented learning; From personal experience to group sharing, from group discussion to results reporting. And the combination of clinical expertise, academic materials and information learning platform; the establishment of multiple, digital and independent learning track. The implementation of embodied humanity and technical practice, and narrative to express themselves in the clinical practicum, the body, the environment, tools, and others in the interactive personal knowledge. In the training program the teachers can practice the particularity of knowledge, and to integrate the general education and professional new model. Also to share the curriculum resources with the inter-school. I believe that through regular seminars and learning from each other's experiences, expertise the cross-school results, and actively participate in domestic and international seminars and academic papers published. The team should be able to respond to the new century teaching development and model
Effective start/end date8/1/177/31/18


  • Embodied Medical Humanity Education
  • Clinical Skill
  • Medical Simulation
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Clinical Practicum in Long-term Respiratory Care
  • Instructional Action Research


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