The evaluation of PGY teaching reimbursement program in example of paramedical staff.

  • 邱, 瓊萱 (PI)
  • Chang, Yuan-May (CoI)
  • Chien, Shu-Chen (CoI)

Project: A - Government Institutionc - Ministry of Health and Welfare

Project Details


This two-year study aims at setting up appraisal index for PGY teaching program of thirteen different paramedical staff reimbursed by the government. Thirteen paramedical staff includes nurse, pharmacist, radiologist, medical technician, occupational therapist, physical therapist, clinical psychologist, consultant psychologist, respiratory therapist, midwife, dietarians, speech therapist, and hearing-aid specialist. The first-year study focuses on international and domestic data collection to check the schemes of post-graduate training program are designed within specific countries. We, furthermore, conduct focus group to collect more divergent suggestions of appraisal index from experts. Delphi method is followed to confine the possible and applicable appraisal index of PGY program. Questionnaire is also devised to collect evaluation from trainees. The second-year study is to reassure the application of appraisal index and then collects data from two sources; that is, the trainer and the trainee. We ask trainer to evaluate trainee’s performance based upon the index, and trainee to evaluate satisfaction to the program. Outcome variable here adapts the real status in their professional promotion schemes. Through the cross-validation from multiple sources, we therefore summarize the feasibility of appraisal index. Focus group is followed to assure the possible application of appraisal index to other paramedical professionals. Finally, we will make suggestion to the teaching reimbursement policy.
Effective start/end date1/9/1212/15/12


  • PGY teaching reimbursement
  • appraisal index
  • focus group


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