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The rapid population ageing is now a global issue.The WHO initiates "Active Aging" in 2002, emphasizing the promotion of elders' opportunities for maximum health, participation and security. Since then, many developed countries are actively responding to the WHO and devote themselves to enhancing active aging. In 2012, the EU spends lots efforts to construct the Active Aging Index (AAI), which is based on the "country-based measurement unit." AAI contains "employment," "participation in social," "independent, healthy and secure living," and "capacity and enabling environment for active ageing ".The establishment of the EU's AAI indicator has its international significance. Our Health Promotion Administration under Minister of Health and Welfare has recently commissioned a multi-year AAI indicator construction project in Taiwan to construct an index. However, the AAIs mentioned above are both based on the "country level" and have not concretely presented the measurement results of "individuals" level of active ageing. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to establish a Personal Active Aging Indicator (PAAI) that is suitable for use in Taiwan, and to develop an indicator of active aging that measures the individual level and serve as a tool for evaluating aging policy results. This study will 1) focus on the literature review, including AAI indicators of the European Union and the development of Taiwan AAI. and develop PAAI draft structure and definition; 2) through expert meetings and in-depth interviews with elders to revise the above definition of the framework; 3) through Delphi technique to conclude the framework and definitions; 4) Through the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to calculate the weight of each attributes in the PAAI framework; 5) through the focus group of elderly to explore application. The results of this study will be submitted to international SCI journals.
Effective start/end date8/1/187/1/19


  • active ageing
  • elderly
  • indication
  • personal level


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