Integrations and Applications of Health and Clinical Big Data

  • Cheng, Kuang-Fu (PI)

Project: A - Government Institutionb - Ministry of Science and Technology

Project Details


Our national health insurance program has collected a large volume of health data. However, so far there is no systematic way of studying values of such Big Data. The purpose of this project is to apply our national health data in connection with hospital clinical data, currently available at the three hospitals of Taipei Medical University, to establish various health evaluation systems for improving the health management of Taiwan people. It is expected that the proposed studied systems are useful for hospital management /patient service, personal health evaluation, government policies in health and welfare, and academic research, to name only a few. Method : In this project, health database and clinical information will be connected to build application models. Before a full project being implemented, we propose a plot project study (1) to investigate all possible applications and restrictions of the proposed models under related government policies; (2) to study the feasibility of combing national health data and hospital clinical data and all related law issues; (3) to study how to build cloud systems for application models and the possibility of health data collection through cloud systems; (4) to study the sustainability of the application models and possibility of extending models for other nations; (5) to study the impact of application models on government policies, national health promotion, health industrial, and international cooperation.
Effective start/end date4/1/159/30/15


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