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Anti-metastatic activity of MPT0G211, a novel HDAC6 inhibitor, in human breast cancer cells in vitro and in vivo

Hsieh, Y. L., Tu, H. J., Pan, S. L., Liou, J. P. & Yang, C. R., Jun 1 2019, In : Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular Cell Research. 1866, 6, p. 992-1003 12 p.

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Triple Negative Breast Neoplasms
Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors
Breast Neoplasms
Histone Deacetylases

Dental Pulp Stem Cell Transplantation with 2,3,5,4′-Tetrahydroxystilbene-2-O-β-D-glucoside Accelerates Alveolar Bone Regeneration in Rats

Lin, C. Y., Kuo, P. J., Chin, Y. T., Weng, I. T., Lee, H. W., Huang, H. M., Lin, H. Y., Hsiung, C. N., Chan, Y. H. & Lee, S. Y., Apr 1 2019, In : Journal of Endodontics. 45, 4, p. 435-441 7 p.

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Dental Pulp
Bone Regeneration
Stem Cell Transplantation
Stem Cells
Embryonal Carcinoma Stem Cells
Neural Stem Cells
Zinc Fingers
Open Access
Cell Cycle Proteins
Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
Prostatic Neoplasms

Identification of two independent SUMO-interacting motifs in Fas-associated factor 1 (FAF1): Implications for mineralocorticoid receptor (MR)-mediated transcriptional regulation

Wang, C. H., Hung, P. W., Chiang, C. W., Lombès, M., Chen, C. H., Lee, K. H., Lo, Y. C., Wu, M. H., Chang, W. C. & Lin, D. Y., Aug 1 2019, In : Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular Cell Research. 1866, 8, p. 1282-1297 16 p.

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Mineralocorticoid Receptors
Transcriptional Activation

Leptin-derived peptides block leptin-induced proliferation by reducing expression of pro-inflammatory genes in hepatocellular carcinoma cells

Ho, Y., Wang, S. H., Chen, Y. R., Li, Z. L., Chin, Y. T., Yang, Y. C. S. H., Wu, Y. H., Su, K. W., Chu, H. R., Chiu, H. C., Crawford, D. R., Shih, Y. J., Grasso, P., Tang, H. Y., Lin, H. Y., Davis, P. J., Whang-Peng, J. & Wang, K., Nov 1 2019, In : Food and Chemical Toxicology. 133, 110808.

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leptin (116-130)
Hepatocellular Carcinoma
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Leukemia Inhibitory Factor Promotes Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer and Neuroendocrine Differentiation by Activated ZBTB46

Liu, Y-N., Niu, S., Chen, W-Y., Zhang, Q., Tao, Y., Chen, W-H., Jiang, K-C., Chen, X., Shi, H., Liu, A., Li, J., Li, Y., Lee, Y-C., Zhang, X. & Huang, J., Apr 8 2019, In : Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

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Leukemia Inhibitory Factor
Prostatic Neoplasms
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Natural Antioxidant Resveratrol Suppresses Uterine Fibroid Cell Growth and Extracellular Matrix Formation In Vitro and In Vivo

Chen, H-Y., Lin, P-H., Shih, Y-H., Wang, K-L., Hong, Y-H., Shieh, T-M., Huang, T-C. & Hsia, S-M., Apr 12 2019, In : Antioxidants. 8, 4

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Cell growth
Extracellular Matrix
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Novel Common Genetic Susceptibility Loci for Colorectal Cancer

Schmit, S. L., Edlund, C. K., Schumacher, F. R., Gong, J., Harrison, T. A., Huyghe, J. R., Qu, C., Melas, M., Van Den Berg, D. J., Wang, H., Tring, S., Plummer, S. J., Albanes, D., Alonso, M. H., Amos, C. I., Anton, K., Aragaki, A. K., Arndt, V., Barry, E. L., Berndt, S. I. & 30 others, Bezieau, S., Bien, S., Bloomer, A., Boehm, J., Boutron-Ruault, M. C., Brenner, H., Brezina, S., Buchanan, D. D., Butterbach, K., Caan, B. J., Campbell, P. T., Carlson, C. S., Castelao, J. E., Chan, A. T., Chang-Claude, J., Chanock, S. J., Cheng, I., Cheng, Y. W., Chin, L. S., Church, J. M., Church, T., Coetzee, G. A., Cotterchio, M., Cruz Correa, M., Curtis, K. R., Duggan, D., Lin, Y., Liu, Y. R., Yen, Y. & Hsu, L., Feb 1 2019, In : Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 111, 2, p. 146-157 12 p.

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Genetic Loci
Genetic Predisposition to Disease
Colorectal Neoplasms
Genome-Wide Association Study
Confidence Intervals

RAB14 activates MARK signaling to promote bladder tumorigenesis

Chao, H., Deng, L., Xu, F., Fu, B., Zhu, Z., Dong, Z., Liu, Y-N. & Zeng, T., Feb 27 2019, In : Carcinogenesis.

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Urinary Bladder Neoplasms
Urinary Bladder
Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases
Twist-Related Protein 1

Resveratrol antagonizes thyroid hormone-induced expression of checkpoint and proliferative genes in oral cancer cells

Lin, C. C., Chin, Y. T., Shih, Y. J., Chen, Y. R., Chung, Y. Y., Lin, C. Y., Hsiung, C. N., Whang-Peng, J., Lee, S. Y., Lin, H. Y., Davis, P. J. & Wang, K., Jan 1 2019, In : Journal of Dental Sciences.

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Open Access
Mouth Neoplasms
Thyroid Hormones
Cell Cycle Checkpoints

Tetrac and NDAT Induce Anti-proliferation via Integrin αvβ3 in Colorectal Cancers With Different K-RAS Status

Chin, Y-T., He, Z-R., Chen, C-L., Chu, H-C., Ho, Y., Su, P-Y., Yang, Y-C. S. H., Wang, K., Shih, Y-J., Chen, Y-R., Pedersen, J. Z., Incerpi, S., Nana, A. W., Tang, H-Y., Lin, H-Y., Mousa, S. A., Davis, P. J. & Whang-Peng, J., 2019, In : Frontiers in Endocrinology. 10, p. 130

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Colorectal Neoplasms
HCT116 Cells
HT29 Cells
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The Ambivalent Role of lncRNA Xist in Carcinogenesis

Chen, Y. K. & Yen, Y., Apr 15 2019, In : Stem Cell Reviews and Reports. 15, 2, p. 314-323 10 p.

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Long Noncoding RNA
X Chromosome Inactivation
X Chromosome

The expression profile and prognostic significance of metallothionein genes in colorectal cancer

Hung, K. C., Huang, T. C., Cheng, C. H., Cheng, Y. W., Lin, D. Y., Fan, J. J. & Lee, K. H., Aug 2 2019, In : International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 20, 16, 3849.

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Open Access
Colorectal Neoplasms
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The synthetic retinoid ST1926 attenuates prostate cancer growth and potentially targets prostate cancer stem-like cells

Bahmad, H. F., Samman, H., Monzer, A., Hadadeh, O., Cheaito, K., Abdel-Samad, R., Hayar, B., Pisano, C., Msheik, H., Liu, Y-N., Darwiche, N. & Abou-Kheir, W., Jul 2019, In : Molecular Carcinogenesis. 58, 7, p. 1208-1220 13 p.

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Neoplastic Stem Cells
Prostatic Neoplasms

A homozygous variant in RRM2B is associated with severe metabolic acidosis and early neonatal death

Penque, B. A., Su, L., Wang, J., Ji, W., Bale, A., Luh, F., Fulbright, R. K., Sarmast, U., Sega, A. G., Konstantino, M., Spencer-Manzon, M., Pierce, R., Yen, Y. & Lakhani, S. A., Jan 1 2018, (Accepted/In press) In : European Journal of Medical Genetics.

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Ribonucleotide Reductases
Failure to Thrive
Lactic Acidosis

A Novel Selective JAK2 Inhibitor Identified Using Pharmacological Interactions

Lin, T. E., HuangFu, W-C., Chao, M-W., Sung, T-Y., Chang, C-D., Chen, Y-Y., Hsieh, J-H., Tu, H-J., Huang, H-L., Pan, S-L. & Hsu, K-C., 2018, In : Frontiers in Pharmacology. 9, p. 1379

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Janus Kinases
Binding Sites
Cytokine Receptors
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Arginine starvation kills tumor cells through aspartate exhaustion and mitochondrial dysfunction

Cheng, C. T., Qi, Y., Wang, Y. C., Chi, K. K., Chung, Y., Ouyang, C., Chen, Y. R., Oh, M. E., Sheng, X., Tang, Y., Liu, Y. R., Lin, H. H., Kuo, C. Y., Schones, D., Vidal, C. M., Chu, J. C. Y., Wang, H. J., Chen, Y. H., Miller, K. M., Chu, P. & 4 others, Yen, Y., Jiang, L., Kung, H. J. & Ann, D. K., Dec 1 2018, In : Communications Biology. 1, 1, 178.

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Open Access
aspartic acid
Aspartic Acid

Distributed and side-pumped fiber laser using a laser diode bar stack

Lee, Y. W., Huangfu, W. C., Li, Y. Y., Wu, I. C., Huang, S. L., Peter Liaw, S. K. & Dubinskii, M., Jan 1 2018, In : IEEE Access. 6, p. 70456-70462 7 p., 8533341.

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Fiber lasers
Semiconductor lasers
Fused silica
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Heteronemin induces anti-Proliferation in cholangiocarcinoma cells via inhibiting TGF-β pathway

Lin, H. Y., Tey, S. L., Ho, Y., Chin, Y. T., Wang, K., Whang-Peng, J., Shih, Y. J., Chen, Y. R., Yang, Y. N., Chen, Y. C., Liu, Y. C., Tang, H. Y. & Yang, Y. C. SH., Dec 6 2018, In : Marine Drugs. 16, 12, 489.

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Transforming Growth Factors
Neoplasm Metastasis
Cell Adhesion
Cell Movement
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Influences of core morphology on electrocapacitive performance of NiCo2O4-based core/shell electrodes

Lin, L-Y., Lin, H-Y., Hong, W-L. & Lin, L-Y., 2018, In : Thin Solid Films. 667, p. 69-75 7 p.

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Energy storage
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Protective Effect of Melatonin against Oxidative Stress-Induced Apoptosis and Enhanced Autophagy in Human Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cells

Chang, C. C., Huang, T. Y., Chen, H. Y., Huang, T. C., Lin, L. C., Chang, Y. J. & Hsia, S. M., Jan 1 2018, In : Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity. 2018, 9015765.

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Oxidative stress
Retinal Pigments
Retinal Pigment Epithelium

Ribonucleotide reductase subunit M2B deficiency leads to mitochondrial permeability transition pore opening and is associated with aggressive clinicopathologic manifestations of breast cancer

Xue, L., Liu, X., Wang, Q., Liu, C. Q., Chen, Y., Jia, W., Hsie, R., Chen, Y., Luh, F., Zheng, S. & Yen, Y., Jan 1 2018, In : American Journal of Translational Research. 10, 11, p. 3635-3649 15 p., AJTR0084684.

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Ribonucleotide Reductases
Breast Neoplasms
KB Cells
MCF-7 Cells
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Roles of Fc domain and exudation in L2 antibody-mediated protection against human papillomavirus

Wang, J. W., Wu, W. H., Huang, T. C., Wong, M., Kwak, K., Ozato, K., Hung, C. F. & Roden, R. B. S., Aug 1 2018, In : Journal of Virology. 92, 15, e00572-18.

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Immunoglobulin G

The anticancer effects of MPT0G211, a novel HDAC6 inhibitor, combined with chemotherapeutic agents in human acute leukemia cells

Tu, H. J., Lin, Y. J., Chao, M. W., Sung, T. Y., Wu, Y. W., Chen, Y. Y., Lin, M. H., Liou, J. P., Pan, S. L. & Yang, C. R., Dec 29 2018, In : Clinical Epigenetics. 10, 1, 162.

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Drug Therapy
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Effects of Dang-Gui-Bu-Xue-Tang, an herbal decoction, on iron uptake in iron-deficient anemia

Huang, G. C., Chen, S. Y., Tsai, P. W., Ganzon, J. G., Lee, C. J., Shiah, H. S. & Wang, C. C., Mar 2 2016, In : Drug Design, Development and Therapy. 10, p. 949-957 9 p.

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ferrous sulfate
Caco-2 Cells
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Integrin β3 and LKB1 are independently involved in the inhibition of proliferation by lovastatin in human intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma

Yang, S. H., Lin, H. Y., Changou, C. A., Chen, C. H., Liu, Y. R., Wang, J., Jiang, X., Luh, F. & Yen, Y., Jan 1 2016, In : Oncotarget. 7, 1, p. 362-373 12 p.

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Cell Adhesion
Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1
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Dovitinib synergizes with oxaliplatin in suppressing cell proliferation and inducing apoptosis in colorectal cancer cells regardless of RAS-RAF mutation status

Gaur, S., Chen, L., Ann, V., Lin, W. C., Wang, Y., Chang, V. H. S., Hsu, N. Y., Shia, H. S. & Yen, Y., Feb 4 2014, In : Molecular Cancer. 13, 1, 21.

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Colorectal Neoplasms
Cell Proliferation
Colonic Neoplasms

Jejunal Cancer with WRN Mutation Identified from Next-Generation Sequencing: A Case Study and Minireview

Chang, C., Shiah, H-S., Hsu, N-Y., Huang, H. Y., Chu, J-S. & Yen, Y., 2014, In : Case Reports in Surgery.

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Jejunal Neoplasms
Small Intestine